How Online Ordering Works

Online Booking in 3 Simple Steps

Life is easier when you can buy and book things online - so why isn't that an option for electrical work? We were thinking the exact same thing! 

That is why we have created this simple three step process to choose your products and book your work without calling around, getting multiple quotes and not knowing exactly what you're going to get. 

Step 1: Browse

Search through our range of products or services to find exactly what you are after. Whether it is a light fitting, ceiling fan, smoke alarm or more this allows you to look through your options and ensure you know exactly what you will get before you book a technician. 

If you have already purchased the product you want installed (ie. a pendant light, oven, switch, etc.) you can also search for the products labelled "Client Supplied" where you will only pay for the installation of the product you already have. 

Step 2: Buy

Once you have found the product or service you are after, all you need to do is choose the quantity (either the number of products you are after or the number of product you need installed) and add them too your cart! 

Then all you need to do is checkout!

Step 3: Book 

During the checkout you will be directed to a calendar to select a time for your service. Choose an available time, put it in your personal calendar and complete your checkout. 

That's it. You're done. Crazy right!

**Please make sure you read the Term & Conditions prior to checkout to ensure your order can be completed and you are aware of all associated requirements and fees.